Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Here's a couple Christmas themed spots from 1970. The first is a TV station animation package that local affiliates used to put their logos on. Not sure if these were just time-fillers. The second is a Goodyear record promotion for the Great Songs of Christmas... and you thought they only made tires and blimps.


Fritz said...

This must have been Goodyear's answer to the Firestone series of Christmas albums, of which I own two of six. Much like the Goodyear album offered in this commercial, the Firestone albums were sold at the Firestone chain of dealerships.
At one time Firestone also used to sell radios at their stores, so did Goodyear but under the Mantola name.

Anonymous said...

They were all done with great class. Goodyear and Firestone did themselves proud with these musical offerings . More should be done thanks